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Apr 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 34 - The OK Sign Ban, Reddit OWL Team, The Weekend’s Investment, Asking is Gone, New Over watch Lore Event, and Where is DACO

Leggoeman and Pretz discuss the Ban of the OK sign in the OWL and the response from the score esports and why people hate it, Flame from the Houston Outlaws wants to start a GO fund me for an OWL team based on upvoted Reddit posts, Famous singer the Weekend has decided to invest into OWL with great enthusiasm, after a failed trade deal asking has been dropped by the Uprising Academy so the guys ask if he really got screwed over, the new overwatch event Rising Storm is coming up and the guys add to the hype, and the guys ask why DACO has not shown his face on the Reign for the past 2 weeks.

Apr 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 33- Mayhem is in Mayhem, Many Roster moves in the off stage, Retirement comes early to some, BEARHANDS Idiocy, and Fantasy League Updates

Leggoeman, Pretz and Panda discuss the rapidly changing roster form mixed to Korean only and the reason why the players left the team instead of getting laid off, the boys will also discuss the future of Mayhem and what they could have done differently, Trade deals come and go and this offseason saw a few swaps among teams and trade deals that fell through, bearhands decides to accuse sleepy of leaking vods instead of making a better mayhem team, and we give you guys an update on the standing of the Mayhem Maniacs fantasy league.

Apr 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 32- A Special Announcement, April Fools Troll Posts, NYXL Expands, Dallas and A Dying Company, Toronto Esports Legal Issues, Dafran Farewell and Stage 2 Map Pool

Leggoeman and Pretz announce the exciting news that happened on April 1st that will cause the community to rejoice, The troll posts were so convincing on the Competitive overwatch subreddit that a lot of people were actually messaging Blizzard about the new patches, NYXL is attempting to go above and beyond with new esports titles other than overwatch we will see if that is up to the challenge, Dallas makes ties with GameStop which raises more questions about what business practices are behinde this decision, Tronto Esports has been found that they have not been paying their players and the lawyer pursuing legal action against the org explains their thought process, Dafran gives his final POGCHAMP in OWL as he leaves the team for his greater and more successful streaming career and the boys discuss the new map pool and weather or not it will benefit them in the long run.

Mar 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 31- A Review of the Stage 1 Playoffs, Possible New Strats for Stage 2, OWL Schedule Debate, Localization and the Future, Florida’s Player Rating, and Possible Off Season Trades

Leggoeman and Pretz discuss the roller coaster of a ride that is the Stage 1 playoffs, With new heroes entering the meta we wonder if the DPS meat will rise or will GOATS reign for another stage,  many coaches, GMs, players don't like the new stage schedules and find it to be random the boys discuss solutions to this problem,  Localization is upon us and the question remains has Nate finally figured out the right scheduling for the crazy season for next year, Gamerhaus give the Mayhem a proper rating and its what most of us expect anyway, and what trades are possible for the next stage.

Mar 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 30- Stage One FL Finale, Playoff and Stage 2 Speculations, Contemplation on Localization, and a Banjo

Leggoeman is MIA, so Panda and Pretz are left to figure things out. Discussing Florida's Stage One Finale and the Good Feels that came with Stage One. Speculating about all things Playoff and Stage Two, is it the death of GOATS? Contemplating how to get everyone on board to OWL localization, literally and figuratively. 

Mar 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 29- A Blowout By Boston, Shutouts and Surprises, Who is Really Number 1, A Game of Expectations, Stage Playoff Scenarios and FL’s Final Match of the Stage

Leggoeman and Pretz discuss the devastating defeat at the hands of Boston, This week had more 4-0 shutouts that would make Cleveland fans feel better about themselves, The guys discuss what teams have exceeded or feel through their expectations and where or not they have a good road ahead of them, Stage playoffs are around the corner and the many ways it can play out are listed, and Florida's defining match against the Washington justice can only give us hope and a lot of fear.

Mar 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 28- A Bitter First stage, Debut of Apply and McGravy, Blizzard Strikes down Content Creator Akston Esports, PTR for Stage 2, Baptiste Meta change, and Luck or Skill

Leggoeman and Pretz discuss a hard-fought week done by the mayhem giving keen insight on what the mayhem needs to change and improve upon, Apply and McGravy start their first games in OWL and boy did they come to play, Blizzard stops all highlight videos done by Akston Esports with no real replacement and OWL is wondering why there aren't a whole lot of content creators around, the PTR has seen some drastic changes and a new hero to be added in the near future will this new character create a new meta or reinforce goats, and a new game of Luck or Skill for the teams in OWL.


Feb 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 27- Florida’s New Hope, A week of Firsts, Inconsistency Breathes Excitement, New Patch and New Hero, and FL Adds A New Member

Leggoeman and Pretz discuss the great achievements that Florida has made in week 2 and what they have done differently from weeks 1, Many teams get their first wins of the season and SHD with the first win of their existence, Inconsistency isn't just a LDN and PHI thing it has run rampant through every team in the league and we love it, New hero with limited details at the time and patch notes that didn't have too many changes for stage 2, and the grand flex tank player from Envy joins the mayhem roster as a backup Flex Tank.

Feb 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 26- Week One Recap, Mayhem Maniacs Awards, NYXL Struggle, Shanghai Luck, Chengdu Victory, and Mayhem Flop

Leggoeman and Panda reject discuss the grand events that happened in week one of the second season of OWL, Awards are given out to three teams with the best and worst plays of the first week, with NYXL struggling to stay on top we begin to question whether or not NYXL is still the best, Shanghai are still at a losing streak despite the fact that they have completely reworked their roster so is this just bad luck or is there something going on with the coaching staff, Chengdu surprise everyone by taking down the Guangzhou charge with that can Chengdu be China's new hope, and The boys discuss the mayhem and their huge faceplant on their first game. 

Feb 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 25- Community countdown failure, E Athletes Longevity, Coca Cola Sponsorship, Team Hashtags, New Florida Coach, and This Weeks Predictions

Leggoeman and Pretz explain why the community countdown was a complete mess, E athletes seem to get younger and younger each day what does this mean for their longevity as a career, bring brand Coca-Cola gives the overwatch league a sponsorship, The hashtags have been released and give the crew a good chuckle, new Florida coach give the mayhem a new light and questions the role for our backup main tank, and the mayhem maniacs week one predictions.