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Jun 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 43- Team Trends, 2-2-2 role Lock Inevitable, Major Win For Funi, and New Florida Pickup

Leggoeman and Pretz discuss recent team trends among the best and the worst in the league. As leaks and rumors spread we discuss whether 2-2-2 role lock will soon be upon us and is it the right decision to make. Funi makes history as the first team to join Korea with foreigners on the squad we will see if these guys have what it takes to be the best in Korean Contenders.  Another questionable pick from Florida Mayhem's scout BEARHANDS is he taking the team in the right direction or is he driving this train into a brick wall we will discuss his thought process and what the mayhem needs to do for the future of the team.

Jun 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 42- Start of Stage 3, Mayhem’s Lack of Change, BEARHANDS Gets Flamed, Overwatch 2 Announcement, Guangzhou Viewing Party, Fusion Flight Delays, and Uprising House Raid

Leggoeman and Pretz talk about the start of stage 3 and who made major improvements during the mid-offseason. Mayhem come out of the gates with the season's worst performance so far we discuss the motivations of the Mayhem's management and why they refuse to make any necessary improvements to the team. BEARHANDS is under a lot of heat for unpopular roster moves but says that the current rework of the Mayhem roster is just the beginning, hopefully, he isn't giving the fandom false hope. Guangzhou has one of the largest viewing parties in OWL as the fans get ready for localization in season three showing their support for their team. Fusion University' fight has had some delays preventing them from participating in the first week of Korea trials, we discuss their logistics issues and ask what would happen if this was one of the OWL teams, and Uprising live the experience of being swatted by their neighbors due to noise concerns, hopefully no pants we soiled during this event.

Jun 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 41- Atlantic Showdown Review, Mayhem Drop-offs, Debate on City-Sponsorship in Epsorts, and Blizzard’s Low Moral

Leggoeman and Marc The Atlantic Showdown happened this weekend we discuss the major events that occurred and what teams will produce the best prospects for OWL talent. Mayhem Drop off the remaining players from their roster to clear up some cap space for next season, we says our hopeful goodbyes as the players depart. A journalist by the name of GBay100 argues that city-based leagues in esports are pointless so we give our rebuttal on why we think he is wrong. Blizzard has been having a rough week with its employees as many high profile esports employees of blizzard are quitting due to low morale and poor leadership.

May 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 40- Pacific Showdown, Toronto Goes English, Nate Leaves, TFue and Faze Idiocy, Cwoosh Interview, and Academy Disbanded

Leggoeman and Pretz discuss the Pacific showdown and who stood out to them as future prospects for the overwatch league. Toronto made so unorthodox picks mid-season which could hint that the team will be transforming into a mixed roster. Nate Nanzer decides to leave OWL behind as Epic Games tries to improve their esports scene with his expertise. Faze and TFue are under a war over contracts as both parties refuse to budge, the entire situation is a joke and we will explain why. Cwoosh gives out a heartful interview on Deep Dive as many unanswered questions are finally revealed to the public and his experiences with the Mayhem and the FL Academy disband with a sour taste in the mouths of the fans that routed for them.

May 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 39- Chating with Voicing Valiant, Trade Talk, Management vs. Management, Localization in LA and Scheduling,

Leggoeman and Pretz introduce the Voicing Valiant's BoredBookworm and Shadowkan33 to they Mayhem's rowdiest podcast, The crew discusses their involvement with the esports scene and their respected teams, the FLA and VAL trade has been the talk of the town as Bookworm and Shadow give their insight on their own team's pickups, the two crews go back and forth with their management changes and new Coaches, and the crew discusses their venues for home games for season 3 and scheduling

May 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 38 - A Romance Rekindled, Stage 2 Playoffs, and Trades like a TCG

Leggoman and Pretz reunite after nearly a month of separation, and are able to rekindle what once was. Stage 2 Playoffs were Shocking to say the least. Then a look to the future considering the interesting trade choices of the Mayhem. There is also consideration of what keeps burning out these poor OWL players so quickly. 
- Panda

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May 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 37 - Stage 2 Reflections, Playoff Discussion, and Aussies


Pretz and Marc reflect on what could have been in Stage 2. Then follow up with some Playoff Predictions. Y'all also get to hear about the glory that is Aussie Sports Fans, and how they're changing up eSports.

May 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 36- Aftermath of the Tundra Interview, Dallas Homestead, New Workshop Patch, OWWC is Back, and Bud Light is Here

Leggoeman and Marc discuss the aftermath of the Tundra interview and look at the future of the podcast, the Dallas Homestead games happen the past weekend, was it a success? a new patch has come out and its finally a working workshop to manipulate the game itself, OWWC makes its announcement with new rule changes and official locations, and we say dilly dilly to OWL's new sponsor Bud Light

Apr 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 35- Former Chaos Crew Member Tundra Speaks Out About the Chaos Crew’s Internal Conflicts and Florida Mayhem’s Mismanagement

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Tundra explains his role with the mayhem: 1:30

Explains the Transition of CC: 4:45

Why he left CC: 23:24

Florida Mayhem's Coaching and Management: 40:45

Internal Conflicts: 58:22

Misfits as an org and the Future of Mayhem: 1:11:17

Tundra's Last words: 1:26:02





Apr 2019

Mayhem Maniacs Episode 34 - The OK Sign Ban, Reddit OWL Team, The Weekend’s Investment, Asking is Gone, New Over watch Lore Event, and Where is DACO

Leggoeman and Pretz discuss the Ban of the OK sign in the OWL and the response from the score esports and why people hate it, Flame from the Houston Outlaws wants to start a GO fund me for an OWL team based on upvoted Reddit posts, Famous singer the Weekend has decided to invest into OWL with great enthusiasm, after a failed trade deal asking has been dropped by the Uprising Academy so the guys ask if he really got screwed over, the new overwatch event Rising Storm is coming up and the guys add to the hype, and the guys ask why DACO has not shown his face on the Reign for the past 2 weeks.